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Premium feature:    the new Capture function on Diigo toolbar allows you to capture a portion of a webpage, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, and save the captured area as an image along with its original URL in your Diigo Images library.   You can also add tag(s), or share the image item to a list or group. 

To enable the capture image mode, click the "Capture" button on toolbar:

1)  Top bar shows instruction tip.  You can hit "Esc" to escape. 

2)  To start defining a capture area,  left click in the grey area below the instruction bar, and hold your mouse diagonally across the screen.   Your image capture area will be highlighted and you can further adjust to desired position.

3)  Annotation tools menu (rectangles, circles, arrows, lines, text, and color) will appear near the right hand bottom. 

4)  Click "Save" icon in the menu to save the captured image to your Diigo image library 
eg. As you can see, this is the final work.
To access your captured webpage image, go to My library >> Images

1)  Click desired image - captured image item is shown with original URL

2)  "Edit" allows you to add tags or share the image item to a list or group.