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Cached pages

Premium feature:  Archive pages forever and make them searchable, too

Diigo cached page feature contains two parts:

1. Cache page automatically

Diigo system will get cached pages for all your bookmarks automatically if you don't upload them from diigo toolbar.

Note:  Webpages that are behind password protection or with HTML frame element will not be cached through this method.

2. Upload cached page from Diigo Firefox or IE toolbar. 

When you bookmark a page to Diigo, you can choose to upload the page, even if it is dynamic or hidden behind the password protection.  If you are interested in seeing how a page changes over time, you can also capture multiple versions of the same URL at different times.

To try it, all you need to do is to check “Cache” box when you add a bookmark via Diigo’s Firefox or IE toolbar:

Once saved,  you should see the cached page in your library within seconds to few minutes or so.  

Check it out and see how easy it is to build your own “personal wayback machine”, the way you want it :-)