Premium features

Upgrade to a premium account today to enjoy advanced features, priority support and an ad-free user experience!   

By upgrading to a premium account you can experience better features with Diigo and access to extra content in which non-paid users do not have. Take a look into the paid services that Diigo offers.


Cached Pages


Ø  Diigo can cache all of your pages so that you never have to lose past information in your bookmarks.


Ø  To cache a page simply  bookmark the page and there will be a box with the cache option, from there a cache version will be uploaded into your library.


Ø  You can now search all of the content of your cached pages in your library.





PDF Annotation


Ø  You can highlight and annotate your PDFs on the premium package. Just bookmark any online PDF into your library and you are ready to go!


Ø  You can also access PDF’s straight from your browser to make the process even easier!


Unlimited Features


Ø  Unlimited Highlights

Ø  Unlimited Bookmarks

Ø  Unlimited Cache

Ø  Unlimited Screenshots

Ø  Unlimited Outliner

Ø  Unlimited PDF

Ø  Unlimited Public and Private groups

Ø  Unlimited Twitter Tweet saves




Additional Perks


Ø  No Ads

Ø  No Captcha

Ø  Private RSS feed

Ø  Priority Support

Ø  Full text search


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