"My Outliners" Tutorial

Main Outliners Page

  • Create an outliner: you can access outliners from navigation bar and create a new one right on the page
  • Outliners display: you can filter outliners by date updated, date created or title(alphabetically); both list view and grid view are available          
  • Edit outliner title or delete it: you can find options in action menu
  • Share an outliner: click on the link icon and you'll get a secret link for this outliner


Inside an Outliner

  • Top operation bar inside a particular outliner:
  1. Go back to outliners homepage
  2. Add items from diigo library to the current outliner: click on the icon and a side-menu will slide out, you can directly choose items or search for particular ones; already added items will be marked with a √ ; one more click on the icon will make the side-menu slide in.
  3. Show all outliners
  4. Outliner title: you can edit it here with one click
  5. Generate a shareable link for this outliner
  6. Export the outliner: you can copy the content of one outliner and paste it somewhere else
  • Add contents to an outliner: you can directly input text(1) or add items from diigo library(2)

  • Zoom in


  • An example of contents organized by bullet points:
  • Convert existing annotations to bullet points: you can easily convert them to bullet points with one click; the window will show up when you mouse over the highlight number.
  • Move bullet points
Other tips
    1. Paste a link in the outliner; the title of link will be hyper-texted automatically.
    2. Apart from creating contents directly in an outliner, you can also use  Diigo extension or Diigolet to add bookmarks and annotations to it. You can find this option in the save/edit bookmark window.
    3. Help and feedback shortcut: should you have any questions or suggestions,you can find help tips or send us feedback from the lower right corner when you're working on an outliner: