"My Library" Tutorial

Diigo V4 UI has been streamlined to focus Diigo as a powerful tool for research, sharing and collaboration.  The top 3 navigation menus in V4: My Library, My Network, and My Groups, are now directly tied to the key value propositions of Diigo, namely, Research, Share, and Collaborate, respectively.

In V4, "My Bookmarks" in previous versions has been renamed to "My Library".  This change is to accommodate the growing item collection going beyond just simple bookmarkingBesides bookmarking urls, your highlighted text or pictures are also automatically "clipped" and aggregated, for sharing, editing or easy search and reference later. You can bookmark and “clip” online flash / video.  "My Library" is also the central place to manage all your bookmarks, lists and tags at Diigo.

V4 also introduces better filters, display modes, and various search methods to allow you to gain quicker access to your items:

  • Filter by:  All |  Unread  |  Public |  Private
Each filter is further filtered by:  All  | Annotated (ie. showing only annotated bookmarks)

  • Trio Display Modes (new!):  Compact, Standard, Power Edit ~  making it possible to satisfy diverse users' needs and preferences
  • Compact:   Sorted by date on the left.   Only key data are shown to allow condensed display and quick scan through

    Tip:  under each link, make sure to check out these cool functions:  

    • Best for Browsing:  along with your bookmark title, your snippets of information (highlights, sticky notes, clipped pictures, video, etc) are fully expanded for browsing.  

  • Best for Edit and Manage:  check boxes to allow batch editing or sharing to group / list.   Check out  the “More Actions” menu for additional features