General Tutorial


Groups are one of the best things about Diigo. Diigo not only allows you to build a personal library, but also to build a community of shared knowledge. You can share your library items to a group to discuss and collaborate.

Join a Group

To start sharing with a group, first you need to have a group. From “My Library”, choose “My Groups” at the very top of the page. From “My Groups” you can browse or search for groups you might like to join. If you open a group’s page, you will see a blue button on the right side that says “Join this group”. Some groups require you to request membership and await approval, others you can join immediately. You can subscribe to the group to receive updates via Email.

Leave a Group

You can leave a group you are a member of by going to the group’s page and choosing “Quit Group” from the right side where the “Join this group” button originally displayed.

Create a Group

To create a group, click the blue button on the right side of the “My Groups” page that says “Create a new group”. Set the description, category, and privacy settings. You can invite your friends to the group as well.

Managing a Group

When you have created a group you will want to manage the group. The first thing many people do after creating a group, is change the avatar (the image associated with the group). To change the group avatar, choose “Group Settings” from the right-hand side of the page. From the group settings page, you can click “Change avatar” to choose and upload an image for the group (square images display best).

Another task of group management is to manage group members. From the group settings page, you can choose “Manage Members” near the top to view and manage group members. One way to lessen your responsibility for the group is to promote members to moderators. This allows them to delete and edit items shared with the group and comments posted in group discussion. From the group members management area, you can also approve membership for users who have requested membership from the “Pending Members” tab.

Participating in a Group

Participating in a group is easy, you can share your bookmarks with your group, post a topic in the group discussion or reply to other group members’ posts. You can also interact with group members on a specific webpage using the Diigo browser extension. You can see group highlights and annotations on a page as well as add your own for the rest of your group to see.