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Firefox Toolbar Bookmark (Old)

Here is a basic "how-to bookmark" tutorial:

Diigo Bookmarking How-To:

To get started: install the Diigo Toolbar or add the Diigolet to your browser:

Bookmarking Options:

(1) Public vs. Private:
Choose the privacy setting for this bookmark (unchecked = public)

Tip: This can be changed by re-bookmarking the same page, or editing it in "My Bookmarks". You can also set the default privacy setting inthe toolbar, using Diigo » Options.)

(2) Unread: Check this box to mark a page for later reading.

Tip: Find unread pages easily by clicking the "Unread" tab in "My Bookmarks". Once you click a link,  its Unread status will automatically be converted to Read.

If you want to change a page from "Read" to "Unread",  use the More Actions » pull-down menu and select either "Mark as read/unread". You can also select multiple bookmarks to edit this marker at one time.

(3) Snapshot (New!):   Check this,  this web page will be uploaded and captured as a snapshot in both HTML and screenshot (pic) formats.
  • Archiving dynamic web pages and multiple versions of the same URL, ie. snapshots of the moment in time, make bookmarking so much more useful.  For example, you can archive your stock portfolio periodically, so you can easily see how it evolves over time.
  • Besides webpages, if you can also archive other document types that are already posted online, such as a PDF with URL, or an online Word doc (archivable under Diigo's IE toolbar)
  • Diigo V4 enables you to search your entire Library, including archived items

(4) Twitter This!: Check this, and this web page will be both saved to your Diigo account and sent as a twitter message!

The URL of that web page will automatically be sent as a TinyURL.  Twitter will prompt you to enter your Twitter ID & password once each browser session.

Great way to share your discovery with your Twitter followers!

(5) Description: Add a memo about the website into the pop-up window.

Tip:  Another quick way to add a description to a bookmark is to select a block of text with your mouse first (without having it highlighted), then click "Bookmark".  That block of text that you just selected will automatically be captuired into the description field in bookmarking window.

(6) Used Last Time (New!):  these are the tags that you last used.  Save time & Point and click, if you wish to tag with them again.

(7) Recommended Tags: We'll automatically analyze the page content and recommend suitable tags for you. Just point and click, and/or enter your own descriptive tags, separated by space.   

Note:  sometimes there may not be enough data included from the original page to produce meaningful result.  If so, this field will be blank.

(8) Share to List / Group: When you have set these up,  they will then show up to allow you to easily share this bookmark to a list or a group.