Advanced Options

Open the Options Page

To edit the settings of the Diigo Chrome extension, open the Diigo extension menu and click the downward-pointing arrow at the bottom right, then choose “options”. The Diigo extension options page will open in a new tab.

Edit Advanced Options

From this page you can choose whether or not:

  • The items you save will be set to private by default.
  • Clicking “Read Later” in the menu closes the current tab.
  • The Diigo extension shows if you have bookmarked the page you are visiting by displaying a red bookmark ribbon on the Diigo icon.
  • When you visit a page you have highlighted or added sticky notes to, those items will display on the page automatically.
  • The collect image icon appears on an image when you move your cursor over it.
  • The mini-menu appears when you select text.
  • Using Google search also searches your Diigo library.
  • Common functions of the Diigo extension can be performed with keyboard shortcuts.