Sticky Notes

How to Create a Sticky Note

You can create two kinds of sticky notes: floating or anchored. Floating sticky notes are useful for comments generally related to a page. Anchored sticky notes are for commenting on specific highlighted text. To add a floating sticky note to the page, just right-click and choose "Add a floating sticky note". To add an anchored sticky note, refer to the highlight tutorial. After you add a floating sticky note, you can simply type in the entry box, and click post. Floating sticky notes can be moved anywhere on the page. Just click and drag the sticky note icon.

Sticky Note Color

The color of a floating sticky note cannot be changed, but if a sticky note is anchored to a highlight, the icon at the bottom of the sticky note will open a menu from which it is possible to choose the color for the highlight and sticky note.

Delete a Sticky Note

After you post a sticky note, your message will appear on the sticky note. Next to your message, a trash can icon will display. Simply click it to remove the posted sticky note.

Share a Sticky Note with a Group

You can share thoughts you have on a webpage by choosing one of your groups from the drop-down box that says "Private" by default.