Quick access filter

Want to access all the websites you visit most often quickly from the diigo toolbar? Diigo provides a quick access filter feature which acts as smart folders. It offers a very flexible way to filter and gain quick access to links based on 4 different filter types: 
  • Recent ~ your most recent bookmarks
  • Unread ~ ones that you marked unread during bookmarking for further review
  • Tag(s)  ~ show recent bookmarks with these tag(s)
  • List ~ show bookmarks in one of your lists
Here is a short video tutorial:

By clicking the “Add a filter” button (see circled above),  select a filter type and enter the criteria.  You can also check off "Unread" box to show only the "unread" bookmarks in that filter.

Once that filter is created,  click to get instant access to what you need right away.  You can even use “Open All in Tabs‘  to open up all webpages at once.

You can re-arrange the filter buttons by drag and drop.  To remove a filter, just right-click, and click the pop-out  “Remove this filter” to confirm the deletion action.

On the pop-up window, you can also choose "Import" tab to create quick access filters that duplicate your folders on the browser's bookmark toolbar.