Here is a basic "how to highlight" tutorial:

Diigo highlights can be used to mark important information on a webpage, just like you'd on paper. Highlighted text or pictures are also automatically "clipped" to the "My Library" section.

With Diigo highlighting and clipping:

  • important information can be highlighted on webpages for easy scanning later.
  • snippets of information can be clipped and aggregated, for sharing, editing or easy search and reference later.
  • you can easily direct others’ attention to the most pertinent information on that page.
  • you can now highlight in multiple colors (yellow, blue, green, pink) on the same page!   New!   (note: see section C below for more info)
Depending on your preference, there are several ways to highlight using Diigo:

A)  Select text & highlight 
(note: same as previous V3 method):
  1. Select a block of text first
  2. Click the Highlight button on toolbar, or right-click and hit "Highlight Selected Text"

That's it. That block of text should be highlighted on this webpage and also "clipped" into your "My Library"

B)  Highlighter PenNew!

Another way to highlight with Diigo is to turn your mouse into a highlighter pen: 
  1. Click the Highlight button on toolbar (without selecting text first).  When the highlighter pen is enabled, that Highlight button will become a Highlighter to indicate its status change.

  2. You will visually see your mouse becoming a "highlighter pen" (cool, huh?!)   Use the pen to mark up area(s) that you'd like to highlight on a webpage.

  3. When you are all done with highlighting on a page, make sure to click Highlight button again to disable the highlighter pen action

Here is a short video showing the Highlighter Pen in action:

We have received numerous requests from users to allow multi-colored highlights on the same page. Well, we listen :-)  and here is how to do it:
  1. Use the Highlight >> pull down menu to select preferred highlight color.

  2. To change the color for a particular highlight,  first, mouse-over the highlight.  Then the "Highlight Menu" appears.  Scroll down and select a different color.