How to Highlight

The easiest way to highlight text on a webpage is by simply selecting the text as usual. With the Diigo toolbar enabled, every time you select text on a page, a menu will display. The first option on the menu is to highlight the text. You can also choose the highlight pen from the toolbar. This will turn your cursor into a highlighter pen. Anything you select with the highlighter pen will be automatically highlighted. When you are done highlighting, remember to click the highlighter pen in the toolbar again to turn off highlighter pen mode.

Highlight Color

To change the color of a highlight, you can change the color of the highlighter pen before you make a highlight by clicking the arrow next to the highlighter icon on the toolbar and selecting a color, or you can change the color after the highlight is made. To change the color of an existing highlight, move your cursor over the highlighted text. An icon will appear just above the highlighted text on the left. Move your cursor over the icon to display the highlight menu. Simply select a color from the menu to change the highlight's color.

Delete a Highlight

You can delete a highlight from the same menu. Simply click "Delete".

Annotate a Highlight

You can add your comments to highlighted text by choosing "Add sticky note" from the menu.

Learn more about sticky notes.