How to use Firefox toolbar

To enjoy the full benefits of Diigo (seamless bookmarking, tagging, highlighting, clipping, sharing, annotating, searching, plus more!),  we highly recommend that you install the Diigo toolbar (ie. a browser add-on extension).  It installs in seconds, and no adware / spamware!  Best of all, it's fully customizable to save desktop space!

Available in these browsers:  Firefox 2.0+Internet Explorer 6.0+, 7.0+, 8.0, Flock 0.9+    For other browsers, please check here.

This section contains some short tutorials on how to use some of the key functions in the Diigo toolbar:
  • Bookmarking
  • Highlight  
  • Sticky note
  • Read-later
  • Snapshot
  • Quick access filter
  • Toolbar options /  Customize 
  • Other toolbar functions (Advanced Topics)