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What is new in Diigo V5.0

Diigo 5.0 enables the collection and annotation of screenshots and pictures.  Diigo 5.0 also enables "Notes", which is best suited for short personal memos. 

A new Android phone application called "Diigo Power Note" is being released as a part of Diigo 5.0, which enables android phone users to collect, organize, sync and access a variety of information such as bookmarks, notes, and pictures.   So you can jot down your ideas and thoughts, and take pictures of things you like to be reminded to buy or research later, or business cards handed to you.  With Diigo Power Note, you literally have a photographic memory!

Web Highlighter for iPAD Safari, is also available along with V5 release.  With highlighting, annotation, and bookmarking,  Diigo's Web Highlighter for iPAD makes your Safari feel like iBook! 

As with each previous major release, Diigo 5.0 has substantially revamped the user interface for improved look & feel and usability. 

Here are some V5 highlights: 

1. Diigo V5 toolbar for IE and Firefox: 
  • The new "Capture and Annotate" (* Premium-only feature) allows you to capture a portion of a webpage, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, and save the captured area as an image along with its original URL in your Diigo Images library.   You can also add tag(s), or share the image item to a list or group.  Learn More >> 
  • Save image on a webpage (* Premium-only feature):  Just mouse over on an image, and click "Save" to save the image to your diigo library.
  • Bookmarking window interface is redesigned.
2. "Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate" extension for Chrome ~ top 10 rated of all Chrome extensions! 
Capture the entire webpage or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, one-click upload to share. Best of all, you can even blur any part of the captured image to hide sensitive information!    Check out its elegant & powerful design to see why users rave about it and rated top 10 among all Chrome extensions!    

3. Diigo Power Note App for Android phones:  Your memory booster on the go!   Learn More >> 

4. Web Highlighter for iPad Safari: Make your Safari feel like iBooks!   Learn More >> 

5. New data type support: Notes / Image data items in Diigo.com    Learn More >> 

Note:  V5 new HELP: work-in-progress...